Cullompton Public Toilets

Published: 15 July 2020

Cullompton Town Council has announced that the public toilet in Station road will re-open on Monday 13 July. The toilets have been closed since the beginning of the lockdown period and, at the Town Council meeting on 7 July, Councillors considered a range of measures aimed at getting the toilets opened whilst minimising the risks of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

The Mayor, Councillor Lloyd Knight, said “Councillors recognise that residents and visitors value having an accessible public toilet so we are really pleased that we are able to put sufficient measures in place so that we can re-open the toilet. We will be regularly reviewing whether or not the measures we have put in place are effective. We ask that people who use the toilet do so bearing in mind all the advice about hand washing and hygiene and make sure that they leave the toilet as clean and tidy as they would like to find it.”

The toilets will be opened at 7.00am every morning and will be locked overnight from 6.00pm. Cleaning will be undertaken by contractors 4 times a day.