Public Participation

At each meeting of the council and its committees, there is an Agenda item called  Public Participation during which members of the public may ask a question of or make a statement to the council.  This question or statement will not be debated at the meeting at which it is asked but may be added to a future Agenda for the Town Council or one of its committees.

If you wish to ask a question of or make a statement to the Town Council or a Committee meeting you must either be present in the Town Hall for the meeting or email your  question in advance to

It is helpful, but not mandatory, to give the Town Clerk or Meeting Administrator a written / emailed version of the question or statement as this will help avoid any doubt in relation to the question or statement and allow it to be accurately reflected if it should appear on a future Agenda.

In order to give written  notice of your question,

  • You can click here to open an electronic copy of the form.  When submitted, the  Town Clerk will receive notification of your question.  It should be noted that this link opens an external link.
  • You can click here to download a .pdf copy of the Public Participation leaflet and submit it to the Town  Clerk or Meeting Administrator either in advance (either by posting it or popping it in the Town Hall post box when passing) or,  by handing it to the  Town Clerk or Meeting Administrator after the meeting has finished. 


Upcoming Town Council and Committee Meetings

Full Town Council 15 December 2022 commencing at 1900 at Cullompton Town Hall


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