Resources Committee

Committee Membership

Eileen Andrews

James Buczkowski

Anthony Connolly 

Matthew Dale

Kate Haslett (Ex-Officio)

Janet Johns (Ex-Officio)

Chris Snow  (Vice-Chair) 

Resources Committee Zoom Details

The following link and Meeting ID are to access meetings of the Town Council and its Committees using the Zoom video conferencing platform:

Meeting ID: 915 9542 5723 

Meeting ID: 915 9542 5723 

13 Jan 22

19:00 to 21:00


Additional Documents

Audio Recordings

Meeting Date 2021-2022

08/07/2021   No audio available 

20/07/2021   No audio available 

12/08/2021   Click Here

09/09/2021   Click Here

17/09/2021   Click Here

19/11/2021   Click Here

21/12/2021   Click Here