Christmas Lighting Display 2022

Part supply and full installation of the Christmas lighting display in High Street, Cullompton for Christmas 2022.

High Street Electrical Supplies

Renewal of the electrical infrastructure to provide power supplies in High Street, Cullompton.

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Town Hall Rejuvenation

Internally rejuvenate (paint) the Town Hall in order to make it more inviting and aesthetically pleasing for the public, visitors and hall hirers.

George Little Decorates

June 2019 

£3,917.00  Quote Yes

Town Centre Christmas Lights 2019

Installation and removal of the Cullompton Christmas lights display. 

Lamps and Tubes Illuminations Limited (Company No 4202245) 

July 2019

 £7,745.00 TenderNo

Town Hall Offices Printer and Photocopier

Lease of a  multi-function office machine to include full maintenance and toner supply.

RICOH Limited (Company No 01271033)

July 2019

£52.63 pcm

£3,157.80 total lease 

 Tender No

Council Vehicle

Lease a medium van over 3 years to include installation of roof bars, tow bar, ply lining and Chapter 8 compliant orange warning beacons. 

Ford Lease trading as ALD Automotive (Company No 03120091)

October 2020 

£330.37 pcm

£11,893.32 total lease 

 Quote No

Town Centre Christmas Lights 2020

Installation and removal of the Cullompton Christmas lights display including replacement of items beyond their useful life. 

Lamps and Tubes Illuminations Limited (Company No 4202245)

October 2020 

£11,393.25 QuoteNo

Town Centre Christmas Lights 2020

Supply of 40 x 4' Christmas Trees for buildings in High Street and Fore Street 

Blachere Illuminations (Company No SC152939)

October 2020 


Cemetery Excess Soil Removal

Conduct soil analysis and, subject to findings, remove and dispose of soil to a depth of approximately 1m below the top of the adjacent boundary wall.

Wasteology Limited (Company No 04858928)

September 2020 

 £2,950.00 Quote Yes

Cemetery Container Screen

Installation of 3, hinged, gates to screen the Cemetery storage containers. 

E K Ballantyne

September 2020 

£3,500.00 QuoteYes

Cemetery Workshop Conversion

Convert the Cemetery workshop into a staff welfare facility. 

E K Ballantyne

December 2020 

£11,608.00 QuoteYes 

Town Centre Christmas Lights 2021

Installation and removal of the Cullompton Christmas lights display including replacement of items beyond their useful life.

SparkX Limited (Company Number 05536931)

July 2021 

 £11,390.00 QuoteYes   

Cemetery Landscaping

Removal of Shed and associated landscaping. 

Cloud 9 Homs Limited (Company Number 09880550)

August 2021 


 Fire Safety Assessment

To undertake fire risk assessments for all areas under the control of Cullompton Town Council. An indicative list of the areas for which the Town Council has responsibility and which may require assessment is given in the table below. Risk assessments to include identification of risks and mitigating measures including advice on location and type of fire safety equipment required. 

 WT Consultancy

August 2021 


Cemetery Pathway Resurfacing

Following concerns that the pathways in the Council’s cemetery may present a risk as these are uneven in places, the Cemetery & Town Hall Committee would like to receive quotations to address this. As there are a number of paths within the grounds, it has been agreed that work to the pathways will be carried out in tranches. 

Cloud 9 Homes Limited (Company Number 09880550)

December 2021 

 £9,537.00 Quote Yes

 Health and Safety Support

Undertake an initial health and safety audit of areas under the Town Council's control (excluding play equipment) and submit a report of the findings including an action plan.

Review the Town Council's current Health and Safety Policy and advise the Council regarding any changes to ensure that it is fit for purpose and meets legislative requirements.

Provide ad hoc health and safety advice when requested.

The initial contract is for 1 year with an option to extend for a further 2 years.  If the contract is extended the health and safety audit and policy referred to above will require an annual review. 

Carlin Limited (Company Number 12396641)

February 2022

 £1,500 Quote Yes