Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government introduced new guidance on Neighbourhood Planning which has implications for the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan now that the Examination has concluded. This updated guidance supersedes any relevant aspects of current guidance on neighbourhood planning until further notice.

The guidance states that: ‘where the local planning authority has issued a decision statement (as set out under Regulation 18 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012) detailing its intention to send a neighbourhood plan to referendum, that plan can be given significant weight in decision-making, so far as the plan is material to the application’ (Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Paragraph: 107 Reference ID: 41-107-20200513)

In this instance Mid Devon District Council, as the local planning authority, has determined that the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a referendum and has issued a decision statement to this effect. In line with the recently amended government guidance, the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan can therefore be given significant weight in decisions relating to planning applications within the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan area. 

The government have now given the go-ahead for local elections to take place on 6th May 2021 and it is envisaged that Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan referendum will take place along side these elections.

A ‘referendum’ version of the Neighbourhood Plan, incorporating the Examiner’s modifications can be found on the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan website, along with other associated documents.