Gift of A Burrow for Allotments

The main allotment field at Tiverton Road was given to the town for the express purpose of being used as an allotment field by Alfred Burrow.  The Town Council is the sole Trustee and the individual trustees will be members, either elected or co-opted, of the Town Council.  They will meet on a regular basis to discuss the management of the Tiverton Road allotment field.

The field is currently divided into 31 allotments many of which are divided into two.  There is an Allotment Association that provides help and advice to allotment holders, provides Public Liability Insurance for tenants and can supply fruit and vegetable seeds at reduced prices when compared with main stream suppliers.

Below, you will see the Agenda and Minutes of the recent meetings of the Trustees of the Gift of A Burrow for Allotments charity.