Community Wellbeing Committee Membership

Committee Membership

Eileen Andrews

James Buczkowski 

Matthew Dale (Vice-Chair)

Gordon Guest

Kate Haslett (Ex Offico)

Janet Johns (Chair)



Community Wellbeing Committee Zoom Details

The following link and Meeting ID are to access meetings of the Town Council and Its committees using the Zoom video conferencing platform:

Meeting ID: 915 9542 5723


Meeting ID: 915 9542 5723


20 Jan 22

19:00 to 21:00

Not Quorate


Additional Documents

Links to Audio Recordings

Below is a list of meetings for which audio footage is held.  Every effort is made to record meetings and the recordings linked below are unedited.  The recording may be accessed by clicking the "Click here" link next to the date of the meeting; it will open an external link that may contain advertising.

Where no recording is present, this may be as a result of equipment failure or the corruption of the file; in any event, the recording is not available but the Minutes of the meeting are available by clicking the appropriate link above.

The council will retain copies of audio recordings of all meetings where such is available in accordance with current policy.


Date of Meeting 2020/21

18/06/2020   Click Here

20/08/2020   Click Here

15/10/2020   Click Here

21/01/2021   Click Here

18/02/2021   Click Here

18/03/2021   Click Here

29/04/2021   Click Here

Date of Meeting 2021/22

17/06/2021   Click Here

15/07/2021   No audio available

19/08/2021   Click Here

16/09/2021   Click Here

21/10/2021   Click Here

18/11/2021   Click Here 

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