Brain Injury Study

Published: 14 September 2017


The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust will be visiting from Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st and will be primarily based at the Woodmill, as our research team is also part of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust. We are happy however to test at alternate locations in Cullompton if requested.


We are hoping to recruit as many male participants as possible, who have not experienced a brain injury or stroke to take part in our study. The test itself takes about 60 minutes to complete and involves activities such as memorising words and pictures. Participants will be paid £10 for their time. The aim of our study is to improve and review our test of memory (the BMIPB) but also to gain a better understanding about of how memory and similar cognitive abilities work in healthy individuals. This invaluable information will in turn assist us in better understanding how memory could be affected by brain injuries but also by brain diseases, such as dementia.


For further information, and how to book, please click here.