Cullompton Town Council Property and Assets

Cullompton Cemetery (East) (UPRN 151HTCEM0010X)

Occupied Freehold

NGR 301644 107415

Includes Grade II listed Chapel (NGR 301662 107416) and former Mortuary (NGR 301620 107428)

Cullompton Cemetery (West) (UPRN 151HTCEM0010X)

Occupied Freehold

NGR 301583 107487

Includes car park and workshop (NGR 301566 107454)

Burrow's Field (Tiverton Road Allotments)

Sole Trustee

NGR 301741 107408

Top Allotment Field

Occupied Freehold

NGR 301667 107587

Hayman's Close Allotment Field

Occupied Leasehold

NGR 301792 106872

Cullompton Town Hall (UPRN 151ABHIG0010X)

Occupied Freehold - 1 High Street, Cullompton, EX15 1AB

NGR 302068 107365

St Andrew's Car Park (UPRN 151EPLAN0000X)

Occupied Freehold with enforcement carried out by Devon County Council

NGR 302015 107500

Other public car parks in Cullompton are Forge Way (Mid Devon District Council) and Exeter Hill (privately owned and operated)

Codner's Corner

Occupied Freehold

NGR 302132 107547

Upcott Field

Sole Trustee

NGR 301803 107365

Headweir Road Play Area

Occupied Leasehold

NGR 302236 108250

Crow Bridge Play Area (Tufty Park)

Occupied Leasehold

NGR 301779 107082

River Drive Play Area (Culm Lea)

Occupied Leasehold

NGR 302924 107382

War Memorial

Occupied Freehold

NGR 302065 107437